Thursday, September 16, 2010

20 Week+ Doctor's Appointment

We had a doctor's appointment on Monday that I have been meaning to talk about. I think I have been putting it off because I am slightly in denial about the entire thing.

Everything went very well. Baby E's heartrate is strong and consistent and the results from the ultrasound were amazing. We are measuring right on target and there were no abnormalities found.

Here's where everything goes wrong... since my last appointment five weeks ago I have gained 9 pounds! 9 pounds! Everyone tells me that is a normal weight gain but my doctor tells me that I am not gaining enough. What?! Not gaining enough?! That's crazy..... I have never been asked to put on more weight.

We have our first appointment with our OBGYN Dr. McCubbin next Tuesday. Hopefully I can find out more then about whether or not we are on the right track with weight gain. I am really hoping to only gain around 30 pounds or so. I guess we'll see!


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