Saturday, September 11, 2010

Half Baked! 20 Weeks!

Week: 20
Weight Gained: Don't know... I have been intentionally avoiding the scale until my next doctor's appointment.
Belly Button: Starting to get really sore.... But I don't know if it will ever pop.
Cravings: Hot Tamales! I am obsessed with cinnamon right now.
Sleep: I need more of it.... and the sleep I do get is uncomfortable. It is hard to stay in one position for a long time now.
Best Moment of the Week: Cleaning out our spare bedroom in preparation for the baby.
Worst Moment of the Week: Having a massive breakdown after David brought me the wrong pants when he picked me up from work to go to dinner with his parents.... I really couldn't control it. I asked him to bring me black leggings and he brought me a pair of nylons and a pair of yoga pants.... not what I wanted. It was a dumb meltdown.
Thoughts from Dad: "Why can't I feel you yet baby? I am getting impatient."

This week was looooonnnnngg...... We have been so busy that we haven't had any time to really settle down and relax. It has been really tough to catch up on sleep and work on the nursery so we were happy when we could do both by the end of the week.

I have been having a tougher time physically this week too. I have been having a lot of tightness and cramping in my stomach that I can only chalk up to growing. I have no idea why I am getting so big, so quickly! I feel huge! I look at photos of other women at this stage and they are no where as big as I am. We have a feeling that at our appointment on Monday the doctor will tell us that we are further along than we thought.

David is getting more interested in my belly. He has been paying more attention to it lately, hoping that he will feel the baby kick. We are hoping that it will happen soon but don't expect it to happen for another couple of weeks.

We have big plans to get more done in the nursery this week so we will keep you updated on how it goes!


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