Tuesday, October 23, 2012

14 Weeks

I am getting so big already. 

This pregnancy has been drastically different from Sydney. I have been so sick and I have gotten so big, so early. I didn't even start showing until 18 weeks with Sydney! I am just starting to accept that I am going to be one large and in charge mama. 

At 14 weeks...
Weight gained: 3lbs
Baby gender: Unknown
Belly button in or out: In but already flattening out
Food cravings: Anything spicy (again!), hot tamale candies, slurpees
Food aversions: Any and all meat... chicken makes me gag
Appointments: I had my first appointment today with my OB. I love her and I am so excited to be seeing her again. It feels like I am visiting old friends again when I go into that office. It makes me so happy. We listened to the heartbeat and talked about all of the problem that I had early in my pregnancy. Sydney and David were both there and she had a great time checking out the office. Jacquie (my doctor) was joking that we need to try to make a smaller baby this time.... I'm working on it!
How I am feeling: I am absolutely exhausted and I am still nauseated almost all day but I am not getting sick any more. I am starting to have pelvic and hip pain and I can feel my tummy starting to stretch out. 
Things I am looking forward to: Feeling that first movement. I really can't wait for Syd to be able to feel and connect with the baby.
Things that I miss: A glass of wine and spin class. 
Thoughts: I am very nervous about how are life is going to change with two children in the house. My biggest fear is that Sydney will be jealous or feel left out.
Daddy's thoughts: It won't be that bad.....
Sydney's thoughts: Baby! *kiss* *kiss*

Mrs. E

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