Monday, October 29, 2012

There is Something About the Snow...

The snow has FINALLY hit Edmonton.

I can't tell you if I am happy or sad.... just glad that the weather decided to make up it's mind. We have been in weather limbo for the last few weeks so it is nice to know what I should be wearing to work. I have sort of felt like we have been in some sort of strange snow-less bubble. Almost every city and community around us was pounded by 10 inches of snow last week and we got nothing.

With the snow came the need to run a few errands. Sydney needed new boots and David needed new shoes so we ran out to get some. I need to finish Sydney's hat for this year and we are also rushing to get a few more renos done on the house before the snow really starts to pile up.

I have also been feeling more emotional since it started snowing. Last year we missed the entire Christmas season in Edmonton and all of the snow. We spent over a month in Phoenix, which was fantastic, but not the same as a white Canadian Christmas. I am starting to realize how different this year will be for me. I have moved jobs and with that came a move out of downtown. I know some people would be happy with this... and in some ways I am very happy... but for the most part, I miss it.

I miss taking to train downtown in the dark and walking into the building while listening to everyone's feet crunching in the snow. I miss walking to second cup for a hot chocolate and then over to I Love Sushi for a hot bowl of miso soup. I miss all of the Christmas displays in the window fronts, the lobby of our office building totally decked out with a massive Christmas tree. I miss all of the food floating around the office and the chocolates that permenently sat on my desk for others to enjoy. I miss the group potlucks and the management hosted Christmas party. I just really miss that feeling.

I love my new job but sometimes I wonder if I have done the right thing. I knew we were going to have another baby and even though I wasn't one hundred percent satisfied in my old position, I knew it well and I loved the people I worked with. It was my comfort zone and I felt like it was my second home. If only they were willing to let me job share or find a part-time position.... I would have stayed. I would have been able to share the excitement of this pregnancy with my old friends and I would have been able to fall in love with the Christmas season all over again.

I know that we are still two months from Christmas and it could get better here. I hope it gets better here....

Mrs. E

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