Monday, April 15, 2013

Beyond Sad for Boston

I can't believe how horrific today's events have been.

Obviously any situation in which people are injured or killed is horrible, but there is something about this kind of violence at an international sporting event that makes it particularly unthinkable. In our family, sport is life. We spend every summer weekend at sporting events supporting one another and many of our friends and family. We have travelled to many Triathlon world championships, Ironman races and other events. The environment is always upbeat, inspirational, supporting, proud and loving. The bombings today took all of those incredible feelings out of the Boston Marathon and replaced them with fear and sadness. 

We have talked for years about the Boston Marathon being one of David's sporting goals. We were excited about one day planning a trip to enjoy one of the most incredible, history filled sporting events in North America. Now it will carry a different meaning. We are part of a tight knit community of athletes in the city and that community is really hurting today. We are thinking about those who were touched by the Boston bombings and we hope that those who were injured recover quickly. 

Mrs. E

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