Thursday, April 18, 2013

Squishy's Nursery ~ Baby #2!

The nursery is finally finished!

I am days away from my due date and I finally feel comfortable with the nursery and it's level of completion. I wouldn't say that it is perfect and I wish that I had time to come up with a proper theme (instead of just a colour scheme) but I am pretty happy. This has been a big work in progress. 

We started by painting the walls forever ago! You can check out the post on how we painted the stripes here. The next thing we needed to do was purchase some big girl furniture for Sydney and transfer all of the baby furniture into this room. The crib is convertible but we figured it would be just as easy to pass it down and convert it after this baby is done with it. 

Once the furniture was all in place, we needed to clean out all of my crafting and sewing supplies and start decorating and organizing. Thanks to some super cute decorations that Renee had purchased for my shower,  we were able to re-use a lot of it to warm up the space. The banners and the pom poms are all from the shower! I made a couple of yellow crib sheets and used a few of the baskets gifted to us to store some of the smaller items. We picked up a new change pad (Sydney still uses hers) and set up Sydney's old swing (which matches perfectly!) and the gorgeous Moses basket. 

The final touches were the mobile and the knitted blanket, both made by yours truly. The blanket was made using a gorgeous chevron pattern and it took forever! I backed the entire thing with a soft yellow fabric.... hopefully it becomes a very loved item. The mobile was very easy and time consuming. I hand drew the patterns for the air balloons and clouds, cut them out of felt and hand stitched them together. I used a silver thread so that every cloud had a silver lining and balanced the entire thing on a ribbon wrapped embroidery hoop hung with silver cording. I think it turned out beautifully. 

If you want to re-live Sydney's nursery, you can check it out here! What do you think of the final product?

Mrs. E


  1. Looks wonderful, you did a great job as usual. I love your blog and I've been reading it since around the time you started it. I've loved reading about your family and your adventures together. Looks like you have a lot of fun together. You have a beautiful daughter and you look like an amazing mother and wife! Looking forward to baby #2's update.

    (Your cousin) Katherine

    1. I can't believe it took me so long to see this comment! I am so glad you follow the blog. I really love keeping it up to date so that my out of town family can keep in touch with us. Can't wait to see everyone this weekend!