Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pregnancy Survival Items

I am 38 and a half weeks pregnant..... that's insane!

This pregnancy has taken a bit of a back burner to our busy lives. As excited as we are about introducing a beautiful new tiny person into our house, we have just been so much more laid back about the whole process this time. That doesn't mean that this whole thing has been easier on me than it was the first time.... in fact, it has been quite a bit harder. The one thing that has remained the same is my list of pregnancy survival items. There are certain things I cannot live without when I am pregnant. If you are pregnant, give some of these a try! I promise, you won't regret it. 

1 ~ Caffeine free coke..... enough said.
2 ~ Compression socks have saved me. I have had a very difficult time sleeping due to hip  and pelvis pain. So every night, I slip on these sexy stockings to help with the pain. It not only gives me a few extra hours of sleep, but I also have not had any crazy leg cramps this pregnancy! Do yourself a favour and invest in a pair of these. 
3 ~ DQ Blizzards! Mint Smartie to be exact. I love indulging in one of these every once in a while. Their recent "Buy One Get One for 99 Cents" promo was a bad situation for me....
4 ~ Diclectin. Much like my pregnancy with Sydney, I have had some pretty severe nausea this time around. Diclectin has saved me from throwing up in my garbage can at work many times.
5 ~ Reese Peanut Butter cups are the best! The ultimate combination of sweet and salty, these have been my  go to snack. Lots of calories but totally worth it!
6 ~ Bio Oil is incredible. It is expensive and completely worth it. I pretty much bathe in this stuff and I swear that it really helps with stretch marks. I have very few dark stretch marks and I attribute this to good hydration and Bio Oil. Any of the stretch marks I do get fade right away quickly.
7 ~ Black leggings. When my maternity pants stop fitting near the end of my pregnancy I turn to these pants to get me through. They are comfortable and can be passed off as part of an office appropriate outfit.
8 ~ This show is incredible. I am not talking about the American version... I am talking about the original UK version! One Born Every Minute is a reality show that takes place in two hospitals in Leeds England. The labour and delivery wards have been outfitted with cameras in every room and on every wall. They capture hundreds of incredible real birth experiences and many of them end up on this show. My favourite part is that all of the staff are Midwives and the majority of the women deliver completely naturally with no pain medication other than gas and air. It is motivating to watch and they really don't censor anything so you get the full experience. Awesome.
9 ~ Slurpees are the best! There is something about an ice cold rink when you are pregnant. Even in the middle of an Alberta winter these hit the spot for me. 
10 ~ Tums are candy for pregnant women. I have heartburn that feels like it could eat through my oesophagus at any minute and Tums combined with gallons of milk have been my saviour. 

Mrs. E

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