Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunny Days and Spray Parks

Edmonton has finally welcomed the summer heat. 

Sydney has been waiting for the hot weather to arrive so that we could play in the water outside, David and I have been looking forward to enjoying our backyard and Henry has no idea what hot weather feels like. We took advantage of our first really hot day on Friday and made our way to the spray park. We started at one park and made our way to another. It was heaven. 

We packed along some snacks, towels and Henry's little tent to shade him from the sun and enjoyed many rays of sunshine. Sydney had a blast running around and sliding down the little waterslide. She made friends with many of the other kids playing around and wrapped up her afternoon with some apple juice and a peanut butter sandwich. David followed Sydney around encouraging her to get a little bit wetter and to ensure that there were no major wipeouts on the slippery ground. Henry and I enjoyed the shade while he told me stories and flashed me smiles. 

We love summer so much. All four of us are sun worshippers and we can't wait for more!

(Whoops! Wrong camera setting!)

Mrs. E

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