Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Henry Loves Showers

Last night everyone in the house was in need of a shower... including our little Henry. 

David gave Sydney a bath and I was getting ready to give Henry a bath as well when I decided that I would try just taking him into the shower with me. When Sydney was a baby I used to shower with her all of the time. It was easier for me and she liked the pressure of the shower on her back... but she was more of a bath girl. Apparently Henry is all about the shower. 

He spent the entire time holding me and either looking around or resting his head on my shoulder. He absolutely loved the pressure of the water on his back and did not whine or whimper once. He was completely content. He has not enjoyed one bath since he was born. He has screamed through every one. This was the first time he has really enjoyed the water. I think I know how I will be cleaning him from now on...

Mrs. E

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