Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why We Love Babywise

This will be a controversial post for some people. 

For years, the parenting concepts talked about in the Babywise books have been argued over by new parents. Many believe that it encourages parents to maintain a strict schedule above all costs which can be harmful to a newborn baby. David and I have learned that it is all about how you read the book and what you choose to take from it. 

We love  Babywise. 

When we had Sydney we knew we wanted to try to get her into a schedule as soon as possible. We are not attachment parents or into demand feeding. I have serious anxiety problems and knew that these styles of parenting would only make it worse for me. I needed to know what to expect and when to expect it to keep the panic attacks away.

The Babywise basics are simple. It's all about getting baby into a three hour schedule that begins with feeding followed by playtime. This should take about an hour and a half. Baby then sleeps for the other half of the three hours. I loved that I knew when to feed her and when she needed to sleep. Henry is the same. 

The Babywise schedule takes a lot of the guessing out or parenting a newborn. I credit it for Sydney's amazing sleep habits and I am hoping that it does the same for our little man. I highly recommend that new parents read the book and take what that want from it. I know we have...

Mrs. E

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