Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Henry's First Birthday ~ The Details

Henry's first Birthday party was a week and a half ago.... and I had the best time planning it! 

Planning a boys party was a completely new thing for me. Usually its all pink, purple, princesses and frills.... this time it was Hockey! I hounded Dave for months to get him to choose a theme for Henry's Birthday. In typical male fashion he would shrug it off or tell me that boys don't need themes for their Birthday parties. Pft! I am a firm believer that every party needs a theme! Eventually he suggested Hockey and I went with it. 

We pulled out some of David's Hockey memorabilia to decorate the buffet and I started searching for images of vintage Oilers hockey cards to make a garland. I made mini corn dog muffins, baked and decorated the cake, put together mini buckets of popcorn, made cupcakes and chopped fruit and veggies for hours. I did less baking for this party than I have in a long time but it was a welcome break. I love how it all turned out! 

Mrs. E

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