Monday, July 18, 2016

Canada Day 2016

When your parents ask if they can take your two older kids to Phoenix for an extended long weekend.... you say yes!

David and I had been looking forward to Canada day long weekend for months. My parents had taken Sydney and Henry to Phoenix for six days and David actually had the weekend off. We were really looking forward to enjoying time alone with Hugh and meeting up with some friends. It's funny how easy one kid is now that we have three!

We started our day at 5:30am when we left the house to go to the November Project workout. I obviously wasn't taking part in the workout with Hugh strapped to the front of me, but we had a great time watching and taking pictures. Especially when the entire group of 250+ people ran through the pools causing a massive, unexpected tidal wave that ruined more than one phone and a few backpacks that day. 

After the workout we headed over to the Canada day pancake breakfast and the Canada day road race finish. We had so much fun enjoying some free breakfast and cheering on some friends at the finish line. Once we got home, Hugh and I had a long nap and then it was off to a BBQ at Randy and Stacey's house where Hugh spent some time with his uncle Ryan and met his cousin Addison. All in all it was a fantastic day. The weather was perfect and it was nice to enjoy one on one time with our new little man. 

Mrs. E

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