Monday, July 4, 2016

Hugh Cameron ~ One Month

One Month Stats:
Weight ~ 10lbs 8.5oz
Height ~ 22.5 inches

This little guy is not so little anymore! He has reached one month and is an entirely different kid from the day he was born. He has gained almost three pounds in one month and is happily fitting into his zero to three month clothing. He is still exclusively breast fed (which is not abnormal for our kids) and his love of food is starting to show on his little body. He has some serious rolls forming... and I love it!

Hugh has the calmest temperament. He is so chill and loves to hang out on his playmat watching the lights and smiling at his toys. He is starting to interact so much more with the people around him and he is starting to take in his surroundings. He is such a sweet little peanut and we love him so much!

Mrs. E

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