Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Our Happy Home ~ Backyard Progress

There is something so satisfying about completing a home project that has been on your to do list forever.  

This is the entrance to our backyard. For the last three years it has been a major eye sore. Grass refuses to grow along the house and most of the fence line so we have always had these huge patches of dirt. I decided that it would be the perfect location for some flower beds. We had torn out the sand box that the kids play structure sat in at the end of last summer and we were left with all of the bricks that had lined the sand box. I wanted to reuse them to create the border of the flower beds so the first step was to lay everything out. Here is what I decided on for the layout along with the perennials that I decided to plant along the house (Spirea).

The next step was to dig up all of the grass and create the trench for the rubber stripping and the bricks. This project took some major muscle strength, and for the three days it took me to complete (between feedings and naps) this was my workout. 

The last step was choosing what to plant in the smaller flower bed. Our perennials from last year and our vegetables look like this....

I ended up finding this beautiful flower that will fill in to be 36-48" wide and will grow up to 6ft tall. It's called Martha Washington's Plume. I know you are supposed to plant in odd numbers but one would have been to small and three would have been too much. I am so excited to see how everything fills in next year!

Mrs. E

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