Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hugh's First Bath at Home

Let's face it... even water babies hate their first bath or two. 

I always get sooo nervous when we give our babies their first bath. I know that they are going to cry and I know that their crying will make me anxious. It was no different with Hugh. 

We don't have a baby bathtub so we use a little bath sling. The only problem with the bath sling is having to lean over the tub.... so we just get in! I love having baths with our babies. It's easier to clean them and make them comfortable and it is so nice being that close to them. It is a bit of a two man operation though because you need someone outside of the bath to wrap up the baby once their bath is done. 

Aside from being a little bit upset, Hugh did fantastic. He was fairly calm and let Dave clean him. Once he was done I wrapped him up in warm towels and eventually put him in a diaper. The entire bath routine is finished with a massage using baby lotion which is easily his favourite part. So sweet! 

He loves the bath now. But here are a few photos from his first bath at home. 

Mrs. E

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