Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mom's Macaron Night Out

Two weeks after Hugh was born I got to have an amazing night out.

David and the kids registered me for a Macaron making class as my Mother's Day gift. I have always wanted to learn how to make them and after a couple of failed attempts at home I had given up. One of David's November Project friends is a chef who teaches at NAIT and also runs private classes on the side. Her company is called Funky Fork and I strongly suggest trying out one of Erin's classes.

Macarons are one of my favourite treats and they are notoriously difficult to make. With Meringue as the base, they tend to be temperamental and can easily fall flat or end up with cracks. Erin started by taking us through the entire process step by step. She taught us how to make an Italian Meringue and we all wrote notes furiously. We were then paired up and got to work. 

We were able to choose what flavour we wanted our Macarons to be. We decided on dark chocolate raspberry and a vanilla bean coffee. Once we worked out our flavours we got to work! It was so much fun working with a partner and we were able to ask Erin questions as we went along. In the end, we made some beautiful looking Macarons with delicious chocolate ganache centers. I can't wait to make more for our next get together!

Chocolate for the Ganache

Making templates for the Macaron shells.

Working on our Ganache

Chocolate Raspberry Ganache ready to pipe.

Our finished Italian Meringue

Erin doing a demo on piping Ganache

Erin's finished Macarons

My finished Macaron Shells

My partner's Macaron shells

Erin's Finished Macarons

My FInished Macarons

Mrs. E

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