Monday, December 3, 2012

A Christmas Wreath

I decided to do a bit of a Christmas decorating craft in the midst of all of our Christmas prep.

I have seen a few of these super cute wreaths around and thought that one might look really nice in our  house. The whole project was very easy and did not take long at all. i sat down to tackle it while Sydney napped yesterday. 

The Supplies:
~ One wire coat hanger
~ Hot glue gun
~ Christmas ornaments in varying sizes and colours
~ Ribbon

The Process:
~ Heat up glue gun and glue all of the ornaments to their metal hooks. This will ensure that they do not pop apart once you have put them on the wreath. 
~ Bend the wire coat hanger into a circle shape keeping the hook in tact
~ Undo the twist of the hook and feed the ornaments onto the wreath one at a time. (I tried to put mine on in the same order every time so that I didn't end up with too many of the same color together)
~ Adjust the ornaments until you are happy with the way the wreath looks
~ Once you are happy with the way everything looks, re-twist the hook of the hanger
~ Tie a bow with the ribbon around the hook. This will help disguise the ugly coat hanger. 

You're done!

What did you think of this project? Do you think you would be able to tackle something like this for Christmas?

Mrs. E

1 comment:

  1. LOVE this Idea!!
    So there is just one layer to this and then move them around so it looks like there is more??
    Love it!! Might have to try it!!