Friday, December 28, 2012

DIY ~ Christmas Stockings

So we had a bit of a Christmas tragedy in our home this year....

Somewhere in the move from the condo to the house, we lost a box of Christmas supplies which included our hand knit stockings. I had worked hours on those stockings and they were completely personalized. I am so sad that they are lost and I am really hoping that they turn up at some point down the road. 

As a result, I was forced up to come up with a last minute solution. Since I am completely opposed to using store bought stockings I had to break out the crafting supplies and put something together. I decided on some super cute quilted stockings. 

The Supplies:
~ Craft paper
~ Fabric (One pattern and a coordinating solid for each stocking as well as lining)
~ Cotton Batting
~ Needles
~ Thread
~ Measuring tape
~ Sewing machine

The Process:
~ Using the craft paper cut out your stocking pattern. I used two different sized bowls and a pencil to create my pattern. It was fairly large to allow for seams.

~ Using your pattern, cut out one patterned piece, one solid piece, one piece of batting and two linings
~ You will also need to cut out the cuff of your stocking. This requires four pieces that are four inches wide and the same width of the stocking itself.

~ Pin the patterned piece of your stocking, the layer of cotton batting and one layer of the lining together. 

I was in such a hurry that I forgot to take pictures of the next steps so I will explain it in as much detail as possible. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section.

~ Using your measuring tape and needles, mark out every two inches down both sides of the stocking. These will be your markings for the quilting process (My quilting was more rustic and less exact.... I did a lot of eye balling)
~ Using the markers as your guides, sew a straight stitch diagonally across the stocking all the way down. 
~ Once you have sewn the diagonal stripes in one direction, rotate the stocking and sew the diagonal stitching in the opposite direction.
~ Working with the quilted piece as one layer of fabric now, place the back of the stocking (the solid fabric) facing good sides in on the front side. add the last piece of lining on top of the back section as well. Your fabric should be in the following order

  • Front quilted piece with the good side up
  • Back solid piece with the good side down
  • Back lining piece with the good side up
~ Sew all sides together leaving the top of the stocking open. 
~ Turn right side out and press. 
~ Now it is time to create the cuff of your stocking. Sew the short ends of two of the cuff pieces together with good sides facing each other. Do the same to the other two pieces. 
~ Open up both pieces and press the seams flat. Line up the good sides o each piece and sew along one of the long edges
~ Open the entire piece again and connect the two short ends with the good sides facing in. This will create a tube shape. Sew this final short edge and turn and press the entire cuff so that the long seam becomes the top and you have the unfinished edges together. 
~ Place the cuff inside your finished stocking with the rough edges facing up. 
~ Pin all edges (rough edges of stocking and cuff) together and sew around the entire stocking top.
~ Remove pins and flip the finished cuff to the outside of the stocking and press. 
~ Your done!

I hung our stockings using a safety pin and a finishing nail. You may choose to sew in a piece of ribbon for hanging purposes when attaching the cuff to the stocking. 

What do you think? Is this something you think you could tackle on your own?

Mrs. E

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