Monday, December 10, 2012

Kids Christmas Party

I love kids Christmas parties!

There is something chaotic and amazing about a room full of kids coming together to have a great time and celebrate Christmas. Parents have a great time watching their kids explore and play and the kids have a great time eating sugary snacks and taking part in all of the activities. 

Our company puts on an incredible party for the kids. There were hundreds of kids and their parents there and everyone was having fun. The first activity that Sydney took part in was cookie decorating. David helped her along the way and I am pretty sure that she ate more candy than she used decorating the actual cookie. She was so proud of herself!

We knew that Santa would be a big part of the Christmas party so we had been talking him up all week. I was worried that she would cry when she saw him but she could not have been more excited. She was sitting on David's shoulders when they brought him in on his sleigh and she waved and yelled "hi tanta!" the entire time.

When it was her turn to go up we put her down and David just let her go. She went running into his arms and sat grinning from ear to ear for all of her pictures. It was so freaking cute! I am so proud of her for being such an adventurous girl. 

After seeing Santa, we went to get some face painting done. Sydney needed to have Santa painted on her cheek to make sure that everyone knew how much she loved him. 

Next up was the bouncy houses and the giant obstacle course. David was such a rock star Dad. I obviously could not climb around with Sydney so he took the lead and carted her up and down all of the obstacles  It was so cute! To get her up to the top of the slide, he literally had to climb an angled rock wall style staircase with one hand on the wall and one holding Sydney. And he was willing to do it multiple times! Thank you David. 

Near the end of the day Sydney let us know that she was done. She was getting very tired from all of her playing. But there was still enough energy for a family photo and a few kisses for Mommy. 

Once we were in the car she was fast asleep. Happy and tired and ready for a nap.

Mrs. E

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