Thursday, December 27, 2012

Movie Review ~ This is 40

On Christmas Day, when all of the celebrating was done, and Sydney was fast asleep at Gran and Gido's house, David and I made an impromptu decision to go see a movie. It had been forever since we last went to a movie together so we took advantage of a spare moment. 

I had been begging David to go see "This is 40" with me. I had heard great reviews and it sounded like an awesome movie to go see as a married couple. It was just as good as I thought it would be. The movie centers around a couple turning 40 with their kids. Much of the content hit home. It was as if the movie had a tiny glimpse into every average marriage and household. The couple deals with dramatic teenagers, aging bodies, struggling to connect with one another, money issues and many other things. 

David and I laughed our way through the hysterical parts and glanced at each other knowingly when we understood exactly what they were going through. We may be younger than 40 but we completely identified with the characters. 

All in all the movie was hilarious. Paul Rudd's character was so much like David at times that I couldn't handle it. Right down to hopping on his road bike to go to for an "angry" bike ride after a particularly draining argument. Fun movies like this make me love my husband even more. 

Mrs. E

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