Friday, December 28, 2012

Campbell Christmas Afternoon

Our second Christmas celebration this year was on the 22nd with my parents and siblings. 

We had organized a gift exchange with everyone. There are just too many of us to buy gifts for one another. David and I bought for both of my brothers girlfriends and Sydney got gifts from everyone. After some major scheduling debacles and some discussion on the location of the actual celebration, we decided that everyone would come over to our house for an afternoon of food and fun. 

Let me just say.... that when you get 10 people in a room with all of our Christmas gifts for each other it can get busy!

Everyone getting set up for the gift exchange

Our tree surrounded by gifts

Sydney helped me open my presents.

Katie, Taylor, Tyler and Bonnie opening gifts

Sydney checks everything out and waits patiently for her turn

We prepped a late light lunch for everyone that included home made turkey chili, mint chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, banana chocolate chip mini muffins, individual spinach bread bowls and chai tea.

I also put together these little beauties. Mini caprese salad skewers... yum!

Mrs. E

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