Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sydney Goes Skating

We have had some incredible weather in Edmonton the last few days. On Sunday, it was +3C which is a rare thing for January in our northern city.

David has wanted to take Sydney skating for a very long time. He was trying to convince me that she could do it last year.... but I was pretty certain that I wanted her to be steady on her feet before we introduced her to the ice. So we packed our winter gear and headed down to enjoy the beautiful weather on the ice.

I bought Syd a pair of 2 bladed Bob skates last year and they fit perfectly now. She was such a champ and tackled skating like a natural. While kids older than her whined and cried on the ice because they didn't want to do it, Sydney had no fear and happily got back up after falling on her bum a few times. I obviously didn't skate. I played the roll of official photographer while David enjoyed a special Daddy/Daughter moment. I love that they had such an incredible time together. She was on the ice for almost an hour! We may have a future Olympian on our hands......

Of course you can't finish a morning of skating without some hot chocolate. The girls at the concession added a couple of ice cubes, a lid and a straw. Perfect for a little one looking to warm up. 

Mrs. E

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