Sunday, August 25, 2013

100 Things - Item #79 ~ Go Streaking

Lately David and I have been re-visiting our 100 Things list.

We have been so busy over the last year and a half that we really haven't had time to sit down and decide which ones we would like to tackle right away. Luckily, in the past four months, two of our "things" have kind of fallen into our laps.

The first one actually happened a couple of months ago and I will blog about it once I figure out how to get the photos off of my failing Blackberry. The second one actually got added to our list right before it happened. The night of Lara and Mathieu's wedding we put Sydney to sleep and took some time to sit and wind down. While we were chatting David stopped mid sentence, looked at me and asked me if streaking across a golf course was on our list of things to do. My response was "it is now!"

The house we had rented was on a golf course so we ran outside and he dropped his clothes and jumped the fence. I have never laughed so hard in my life. Here we were, parents of two giggling and acting like teenagers. It was almost pitch black out so I could only see him for a little while. i got more and more worried as the minutes passed and he didn't return. All of a sudden I heard women scream and a minute later David was hoping back over the fence. He had run all the way up to the clubhouse and back. It was one of the best spontaneous moments we have had lately. 

Item #79 ~ Go Streaking..... CHECK!

Mrs. E

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