Friday, August 2, 2013

DIY ~ Wall Gallery Instagrammed

Our house is always a work in progress. 

Since we moved into our house, we have been tackling projects when we have time and the house is slowly starting to look like a home. One of the projects that I have been super excited about is our wall gallery. We have been taking pictures of our growing family like crazy and really needed somewhere to feature them. I also really want to make our house feel warmer. We painted everything a neutral grey so that I could bring in colour with art, furniture and photos.  

Before Henry was born I had collected frames from Ikea, our basement and Value Village. I spray painted some of them white and tucked them away for a day when I would have time to put them up. A couple of weeks ago while David was on night shift, I decided it was time to take them out of storage. 

The first thing I did was lay them out to see how I wanted to place everything. 

The next step was tracing out all of the frames on craft paper and cutting them out to create templates. Sydney "helped" me with this step.

Now comes the fun part. I placed all of the templates (which I had written descriptions of each frame on) on the wall where I wanted them to go.

Then, using the template as my guide I hung the frames. 

Easy as that! I love the way it turned out and it really warms up the entire space. The next step will be to try to narrow down our photo list.... that should be fun...

Mrs. E

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