Friday, August 16, 2013

On The Road ~ Spokane

This day was one of the best we have had as a family of four.

On the way out of town after the wedding we decided to drive through Spokane. David has fond memories of visiting there as a child and my step dad went to University at Gonzaga. The city is so beautiful. They have managed to maintain many of the original buildings downtown so the entire city has a very cool vintage vibe. 

Riverfront park is one where David spent many days when he was younger. He used to travel down with his mom, aunt and cousins and they would spend hours in the park and on the antique carousel there. We drove through Gonzaga and stopped to take some photos before heading to the park for some fun. We took both kids on the carousel several times. It is one of the classic carousels where you reach out to grab rings as you pass the operating booth. Even Sydney was trying to reach out to grab the rings. It was the perfect activity for a sunny morning and a great way for David to relive his childhood memories and share them with our kids. 

Mrs. E

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