Friday, August 16, 2013

Sydney ~ 2 and a Half

This little girl is 2 and a half. 

Time seriously flies by. I still can't believe that our baby girl is not a baby anymore. Seeing her next to Henry actually makes me a little sad. I remember her at his age. I remember every detail. She was such a perfect baby and is such a perfect little girl. 

Sydney is little Miss independent now. She has to do everything by herself and gets really upset if we try to tread on her territory. She is into grocery shopping and clothing shopping.... really any shopping and loves to dance. She loves to paint and play with her Dad's train set. She is a major playground addict and will never say no to a day at the pool. Syd is a recent potty training master and an incredible older sister. She can count to 20, sing all of her ABC's and likes to use big words like "fantastic", "observant", "exquisite" and "delicious". She is smarter than any other 2 year old I have ever met and has a mountain of personality. She is the queen of shaking her bum and loves to try on shoes. She is beautiful and funny and one of my best friends.

I can't wait to see what the coming years will bring us. 

Mrs. E

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