Saturday, August 3, 2013

Henry and His Jolly Jumper

I don't know if you remember (it was so long ago), but Sydney was obsessed with her Jolly Jumper. 

Syd was so big and sturdy that she was in her jolly jumper at 2 months. She didn't do a lot of jumping, but she was happy to bend and straighten her knees and be in an upright position. Henry is a little b it wobbly in comparison to his big sister but still wanted his independence. I knew he was ready when he was constantly trying to stand upright and got frustrated with being held for too long. 

So I dug the Jolly Jumper out of storage and set it up in the doorway of the pantry. (We only have two door frames on the main floor... pantry and the bathroom.) At first he couldn't figure out what I was trying to do to him. Then slowly but surely he started to bend and straighten his knees. As I suspected, he loves the independence and is happy to swing, bob and puke. Here is our happy little guy. 

Mrs. E

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