Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Adventures in Potty Training

Well we finally did it. 

Sydney is officially a fully potty trained girl. She is still using diapers when she sleeps at night or her nap but we are so proud of her. We tackled potty training head on. We got rid of the diapers and put her in her new panties. She picked out some pretty awesome anime panties from H&M that she was so excited to wear. We posted her Elmo potty training chart in the bathroom, loaded up on treats (peanut butter m&m's and yoghurt covered raisins). 

The first morning she had her first accident while sitting on one of the wood kitchen chairs watching her show. She was a little out of sorts and didn't really know how to react. Two more accidents and she pretty much had it figured out. Every time she went to the potty we had a massive celebration and dance party. It was so much fun!

It has now been over three weeks. I am so happy to not have to change her little butt anymore!

Mrs. E

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