Friday, September 20, 2013

Learning to Use Chopsticks

I don't know how old you were when you used chopsticks for the first time.... but I was definitely older than 2!

Every once and a while we have a night where it is decided that cooking is way too difficult. We try not to do it too often because restaurant food is super unhealthy for the most part.... but when we do, we embrace the greasy, unhealthy food and go for it. One of our favourite places to order from is this little Chinese place in Mill Woods. We first discovered it when I was induced with Sydney and have been going there ever since. 

Syd loves almost anything we give her and is always willing to try something new. One this particular night, she decided she wanted to use chopsticks. Without any help from us she managed to figure out how to get the food to her mouth. I was so proud of her! It seems like something so small, but it tells me that she is willing to take risks and try new things without fear. I really hope that she always tackles new things this way. 

Mrs. E

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