Thursday, September 26, 2013

Baby Foodie Love ~ Rice Cereal

Henry has reached the point in his life where he gets to start enjoying solids.

While I am excited that he gets to experience new things, it also makes me sad that the time is flying by so quickly. The first food that any baby starts with is rice cereal. It's simple and fairly tasteless and is likely not an allergen. David and I have always been pretty interested in making our own baby food. We like knowing what has been added to the food and I love putting meals together for our little ones. Sydney only ever ate homemade food. 

Rice Cereal is pretty easy to put together but it is time consuming. Give yourself about an hour to put it all together. 

The Necessities:
~ Brown Rice
~ Water
~ Food Processor with Milling Blade
~ 1/2 Cup of Brown Rice
~ 4 Cups of Water

The Process:
~ Mill the rice in a food processor (or baby bullet)
~ Add ground rice and water to a large pot
~ Bring to a boil and then drop to simmer on low
~ Simmer with the lid off until the rice cereal thickens
~ Stir often
~ It could take a couple of hours depending on your stove
~ Freeze in ice cube trays for up to one month

Mrs. E

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