Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DIY ~ Outdoor Planters

We have been slowly chipping away at our house renovation to-do list.

It is has been a challenge to decide which projects to tackle first but we knew that we really wanted to get the planters done before winter this year. We made our way to Rona where we picked up the interlocking stones, construction adhesive and polymer fill. David dug out the trenches and we recruited his mom Joan to help us level out the trenches. The most important step in the entire process is ensuring that the trench is completely level. If it isn't you run the risk of having the all topple in a few years. 

Once we levelled out the dirt as best we could, David tampered it all down with a handheld tamper. We then filled the trench with polymer fill and began placing the stones one by one levelling again as we went. 

After fighting with our rented wet saw for an hour or so, David cut all of the half pieces we were going to need. 

We backfilled with more polymer....

... and began laying out the next rows. 

In between each row of stone we put down some construction adhesive. even though the stones are interlocking we wanted to ensure that there would be no movement at all. 

I chose two different grey stones so that there was a little bit more depth.

When all of the stones were in place we drove over to Lowes and picked up some soil and some half price plants just to add some colour until the end of the summer. 

The end result is amazing! It completely changed the way the front of out house looks. It is so much more inviting and warm and it looks like people actually live here... yay!

Mrs. E

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