Friday, June 3, 2016

Henry Learns to Big Boy Skate

Does anyone else have a little boy or girl who KNEW that they wanted to play hockey at age two?

Henry has been on a mission since he first started paying attention to what hockey is. He is constantly talking about when he can join a team and is determined to learn how to skate. He wants to be the next Connor McDavid so bad! We started him on his bob skates last year and he picked it up really fast. He would skate around with a huge grin on his face... even if he fell. This year Dave decided that he was ready for some real big boy skates. A couple of weeks ago we took him out for his first go on single blades. 

There was a lot of falling but the smile never faded. He held onto the ice walker for dear life but did a great job walking around on dry land when he was practicing his balancing. He held on and let Dave push him around for over a half hour. Dave even got him standing on his own on the ice a few times!

When it was time to go there were more than a few tears. To say we have a hockey lover on our hands is an understatement. I'm excited to see where this all goes...

Mrs. E

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