Tuesday, June 21, 2016

NGEA Picnic 2016

We love the company we work for. 

Our company throws the most amazing family picnic every year for employees. It's all completely free and they go all out on the entertainment. The kids look forward to it every year and to be honest, we do too! We always go into the picnic with a bit of an attack plan. The lines can get long really quickly and I hate trying to entertain kids in a line up. We start with the pony rides and then usually go to the rides and face painting next. The petting zoo gets squeezed in at some point and we finish it all up with lunch and mini donuts while watching the kids participate in the races. 

This year we managed to tackle the day with a two week old baby and rainy weather. It felt like we had achieved something pretty major when we made it through everything and got home before Hugh had a meltdown. I would call that a success!


Mrs. E

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