Monday, October 21, 2013

Depeche Mode

This was one of the single most incredible music moments of my life.

I was born in 1985 but I am a huge fan of 80's music. The hard part about being a fan of older music is that I never get to see any of it in concert. Most of the artists have retired from performing or would never come to Edmonton. Well, this time the stars aligned and I got to see one of my favorites. 

Depeche Mode is one of the greatest groups form the 80's. They are right up there with The Cure and New Order for me. David found out that they were going to be doing a show while we were here in Phoenix and jumped on the opportunity to surprise me with tickets. I literally did a happy dance when he gave them to me. 

So we found a babysitter and made our way down to the AK Chin pavilion here in Phoenix. Like the music nerd I am, I nerded out bigtime. I danced and sang through the entire show. The crowd was such a crazy mix of people and there were some serious fans there (check out the pic of the personalized license plate below). 

One of the best moments was when they did "Personal Jesus". They started out slow and built up to the regular pace of the song. The entire audience was singing out the chorus and freaking out that they were seeing it live. The lead singer Dave Gahan had the energy of a 20 year old and they sounded just as good live as they do on their original albums. It was incredible. 

Mrs. E

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