Friday, October 25, 2013

Scottsdale Rail Park

The Scottsdale rail park is one of the coolest free place to visit while in the Phoenix area. 

It is pretty central in Scottsdale and is huge! There are big grass areas (grass is at a premium here in the desert), a couple of separate playgrounds, a snack shop, museums, birthday areas, full size train engines and cars, a functioning rideable steam locomotive and a carousel. It's all pretty awesome!

We met up with my aunt, her husband and heir kids as well as her former nanny, her husband and their son. All of the kids are under 7 and get along really well. We were able to let them go crazy in the park while we caught up with each other and watched the mayhem. Once they were tired of the park we headed over to the train to ride around the park a couple of times followed by the carousel. 

The whole morning was perfect. A lot of families will meet up at the park and bring picnic lunches or grab baking and coffee from the bakery across the street. There is even a gazebo where live music is played every Saturday night. The park has a liquor license so families bring food and drinks and the kids run around and have fun while the adults have a good time too. I wish we had something like that in Edmonton!

By the time we left Sydney was exhausted and Henry had already passed out. 

Hanging with Aunt Lindsay

Waving at Evan and Will from the train.

Girls on the carousel

Neesha and I wish our boys

Digging for treasure

Henry passed out on the train

Mrs. E

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