Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Henry's First Oilers Game

We are serious hockey lovers in this house. 

Sydney saw her first hockey game while we were here in Phoenix when she was ten months old (Oilers vs. Coyotes) and Henry experienced his first game the same way! We decided to meet up with my aunt and her family as well as my Grandpa who is in town for the winter. Her kids had never been to a hockey game so we thought it would be fun to have all of the little ones go together. 

Grandpa treated everyone to tickets and we all got dressed for the cold arena (we have totally acclimatized to the heat here). The kids had a great time eating hot dogs, watching the game and dancing to the music. We had a lot of free seats around us (thanks to the small hockey market in Phoenix) so the kids roamed around and jumped from spot to spot. 

Henry was happy wearing his headphones and sitting in the carrier and he fell asleep from the start of the first intermission to the end of the second one ( I can't say how incredible our carrier is! Seriously. Awesome.) He even flirted with some of the Coyotes dance girls before the game.... All in all it was such a great afternoon and another fantastic family memory. 

Henry flirted with some of the Coyotes girls...

Check out how many Oliers fans were there!!!

Mrs. E

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