Thursday, October 3, 2013

DIY ~ Personalized Artwork

So I guess I have been on a bit of a DIY kick lately.

I have been trying to knock a few things off of my list and warm up our walls. One of the easiest and most effective projects I recently completed was this personalized artwork. Those of you who follow our blog know that we are very into triathlon. I put together three 12 x 12 paintings to depict swimming, biking and running. Unfortunately I can't really give any instruction on how to do this. What I will say is that if you chose to create graphic, simple art like this, choose what you would like to pick and simplify your design big time. I used Martha Stewart Acrylic paints for this project. 

What do you think?

Mrs. E


  1. Thanks for the great idea and for posting it on Pinterest! Decided to make my own :)

  2. Hi! I love this but have no idea how to make it myself. Would you ever be willing to make one and sell it?

    1. Absolutely! I could list it as a custom order for you in my Etsy shop. Would you want the exact same colors?

    2. Awesome!! I found your shop on Etsy and sent you a message there about the order! I'm so excited! :)

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  3. I would love this! I'm not creative at all... I would be interested in purchasing this, as well! How fast of a turn-around could you do this? I'm a slacker and need something pretty quickly (like in hand by 9/30...). If that's not enough notice to create and ship I understand! Thanks!