Sunday, October 20, 2013

Naked Babies Swimming

It's not very often that David grabs the camera and I get to be in some of our family photos... I am so glad that he decided to grab the camera on this day.

There is nothing cuter than a naked baby swimming. We are usually responsible and put both of the kids in swim diapers and bathing suits, but on this particular afternoon, both had just woken up from naps and we decided to take them in for a quick dip. You could tell that the kids were happy and relaxed and I enjoyed every minute of my time snuggled between them. Sydney practiced some of her floats, Henry practiced relaxing on his back and we dunked both of them a couple of times (don't worry, they actually like it).

These are the moments that I love the most. Surrounded by love and snuggled up to both of my littles. This is my happiness and this is what I cherish about being a mom. Special, precious memories in the making. 

By the way... tell me they don't look EXACTLY the same in the underwater picture...

Mrs. E

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