Thursday, October 3, 2013

DIY ~ A Wedding Gift

There is something extra special about a home made gift. 

I have been working hard at making personalized gifts for people lately. I love the sense of pride I get when I give the gift and I know that the extra effort is always appreciated. 

When David's cousin Lara got married I knew that I wanted to make something for their gift. Mathieu is from Laval, Quebec, Lara was born and raised here in Edmonton and they were married in Coeur d'Alene. It was the perfect time for me to use one of the gift ideas i had pinned on my Pinterest. This little man sat in my lap the entire time I worked on this DIY....

First, grab some needles and a red thread.

Next, print of maps of the locations you will be using. I used THIS website and set the maps up in a watercolor style. I sent them to Walmart to print.

Cut out a heart to trace onto the pictures. Mine was about and inch and a half wide. 

Using a pencil, place and trace the heart.

Using your needle, poke holes with even spacing all the way around the heart. Thread your needle and stitch around the heart. 

Once all three photos have been embroidered it is time to get framing. My photos were 5 x 7 so I picked up a Ribba from Ikea. Once I place all of the photos I wrote small captions underneath them. Done! Easy, effective and completely appreciated. Give it a try!

Mrs. E

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