Thursday, October 10, 2013

Our Happy Home ~ New Workspace

Yay for organization!

With David and Sydney driving to Phoenix a couple days ahead of me and Henry flying, I had some time to check off a few to do list items around the house. One of those items was organizing my crazy art work space. Those of you who have been in our home know that I don't really have a dedicated workspace. I have a small table in our bedroom next to my sewing table and some rubber maid bins and rollaway shelving units. I was ready for a serious change. 

I packed up Henry and we headed to Ikea. We picked up boxes, shelves and containers and after a little help from the friend that is staying in our house for the month.... I got this!

So much better! My next thing to do is make a pretty, framed, small design wall. 

Mrs. E

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